General Pest Control


Northern Virginia is a prime spot for pests infestation. The area does not experience extreme weather conditions, that’s why it is easy for pests to thrive and live here. It is humid and has just the right amount of rain to make it a pest favorite spot. Being an area that is most visited by tourists, Alexandria VA people make a living through tourism. Sadly, travelers accidentally introduce or leave new insects and pests in the area. We are aware of these reported incidents that is why we are here to provide the pest control Alexandria VA businessmen urgently need to keep their business thriving.

We are here to serve you, your family, and your business with our best pest control methods and procedures. We serve businesses with their pest control needs with our custom made commercial pest control procedures specifically designed for northern Virginia businesses. We also serve families by using child-friendly pesticides and 100% safe pest control procedures with our residential pest control services. Pests that have their own season can be bothersome to residents and business owners, that is why our team formulated the best pest control methods and treatments for seasonal pests. Lastly, we take pride in choosing to go green with our organic pest control services. We serve a wide range of different industries in northern Virginia. We studied each and every city we serve. Frankly, our team has undergone intense training and attended a number of seminars to be able to give our clients the superior pest control Alexandria VA residents and business owners need.

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Commercial Pest Control

Over the years, we have provided the most effective commercial pest control for every office and business space in northern Virginia. Businessmen have grown to trust our services and they recommend us to their friends and family. Our team has proven years of experience and expertise with the most common commercial pests that infest the offices and business spaces in northern Virginia.

Like we said, providing an exceptional pest control service is our mission. For us, protecting our clients from the dangers that pests can bring is our sworn duty. We aim to deliver a superior pest control experience to help northern Virginia business owners. Our commercial pest control treatment programs are built and developed based on the needs of our clients. We know how serious our clients are especially with things that directly affect their businesses. This is why we make sure that our team is professional, punctual, and thorough with the pest control services we provide. We know that the pest control Arlington VA businessmen rightfully deserve is nothing but the best.

Having great weather conditions, Arlington is home to nature-loving residents and businessmen. It is also a tourist spot. Businesses in the area are reliant on the volume of travelers and tourists that come to the area and stay for a few days. Commercial spaces in the area are situated in the midst of trees. Tourists like this the most about Arlington. Staying for a few days gives them the “escape from the city” feeling. Cafes and restaurants also give the tourists a feeling of being home because of the nice ambiance.

Sadly, business and commercial spaces encounter pest problems every now and then. The most common commercial pest problem in Arlington are termites and bed bugs. Termites damage the structural foundations of the buildings. Bed bugs ruin the wonderful experience of the tourists. These problems will ultimately affect the sales, profits, most of all, the reputation of the people’s businesses.

We have formulated the best pest control Arlington VA businessmen urgently need in a time of pest infestation. Our pest technicians and resident entomologist teamed up to be able to address the pressing need of Arlington businesses for pest control. We made sure that the procedure that we do will completely eradicate the termites and the bed bugs. Not only that, but we also make sure that the pests will not come back again. This will be difficult because new insects and pests are oftentimes introduced to Arlington by tourists and travelers. In that case, we will put preventive treatments and methods so that there will be no more pest recurrence. Businesses make the city thrive. It is a must that they are well taken care of because if not, the city’s economy and tourism will deteriorate. Our business is making sure that your business is running smoothly, and most of all, pest-free. Hire us and get ready to be amazed by the superior pest control Arlington VA businesses trust and recommend.

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Residential Pest Control

We know how your family is your biggest asset. They are the treasure that cannot be priced nor bought. What will you do if you one day found out that there is something that wants to harm your family? We know that you are going to protect your family at all costs. You may not know it, but little pests in your home are slowly trying to harm your family.

Fairfax is one of the best places in northern Virginia. It is an ideal place for raising a family. The only problem is that Fairfax is a place where pests love to stay and live in. Rodents and mosquitoes are the most common pests in Fairfax. These pests are the best in spreading many types of diseases. It is not just simple viruses, it can sometimes be fatal especially to people with weakened immune systems. Getting the best pest control Fairfax residents recommend is the wisest choice you can ever make for your family.

Our mosquito control procedures are guaranteed to be safe for children. You can be sure that when you choose us, you are also choosing the best for your children. Mosquitoes are the most despised insect because of the viruses they carry and spread. More and more people die because of diseases caused by mosquito bites. Having your child bitten by mosquitoes will give you the highest level of anxiety especially during these uncertain times. Mosquito repellents are good, but the complete extermination is the best for you and your family. Mosquitoes are disease-carrying insects that live on stagnant, dirty waters. Before we fumigate your area, we will remove all existing stagnant water sitting around your home. We will also make sure that every corner of your home is clean. Mosquitoes tend to thrive in dark and dirty corners. Cleaning up and removing stagnant water will make the mosquito control procedure more effective. Let us deal with the mosquitoes. We are the authority in pest control Fairfax families need especially in these uncertain times.

Termites also harm Fairfax homes. They attack wooden beams that serve as the support and foundation of the home. We know that providing a nice shelter for your family is your priority. We do a thorough termite inspection. Fairfax homeowners need to be able to have the peace of mind they need to think about the best interest of their families.

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Seasonal Pest Control

As the weather changes, the pests we see change too. There are pests that like the warm weather, while there are others that like it cold and chilly.  Some pests prefer warmer weather and thrive during spring and summer. Others surge in the winter when they get inside attics of homes to get out of the cold. Residents and building owners must be prepared for when these seasonal pests attack. We will help you eliminate the pests in your home, whether it rains or shines. We are always ready to provide seasonal pest control Falls Church VA residents need during any weather or season.

 Spring season is a sign that warmer temperatures are coming. As summer approaches, ice melt and flowers bloom. This is the time when the increase in temperature brings pests out of their winter hiding places. It is the time when they wake up from their hibernation. After a long sleep, they seek food and water. Many species of pests also mate during the spring. Common spring pests are ants, termites, mosquitoes, flies, stinging insects, and bed bugs.

During the months of summer, there is a significant decrease in the number of pests that attack homes. But still, there are quite a few pests that thrive during the warmer season. During summer, pests mature and become less of a threat to humans. This does not mean that you will no longer need pest control services during the summer season. Taking care of the family is still the priority no matter what season it is. Hire us to provide you the best pest control Falls Church VA residents trust to get that optimum protection against disease-carrying pests

Fall brings about colder temperatures. Pests start to prepare for the upcoming winter during this time. Pests start to look for warmer areas to stay inside our homes. Fall pests like staying on attics and warm corners of the house. The most common fall pests are cockroaches, spiders, rodents, squirrels, fleas, and stink bugs. Spiders and cockroaches avoid the cold temperature in the winter that is why they take shelter inside people’s homes. These pests are troublesome because they can cause certain types of diseases that may harm you, your family, or your employees. Rodents and squirrels also go to hide in attics and sewers because of the cold weather that is coming. Aside from being unsanitary, they also chew on whatever they can chew. They may damage electrical wirings, walls, and may also contaminate your food. Stink bugs are considered a serious threat to agriculture as they can cause significant damage to crops. Hire us for the pest control Reston VA families and businesses rely on during a pest attack.

Winter is a time when pests hibernate and become dormant, but we should not let our guard down. Winter is a time when we get to see a larger number of pests as they seek a warm shelter inside our homes. Some common winter pests are rodents, roaches, and bed bugs.

Rodents are the most common pest that can be seen during the winter season. Squirrels, rats, and mice invade the attics of homes. They search for a warm place to stay and also a good amount of food and water supply. Oriental roaches and German roaches are also still active during this time of year. They seek dark, damp areas that are very common during the winter season. Bed bugs are the busiest pest during winter. They flourish during the cold weather.

As every season is different, so are pests. No two pests are alike. There is no universal pest control method for all types of pests. Pest control Reston VA residents seek and want is the one that is flexible and can handle any type of pest. Reston residents know that each and every pest need a certain treatment and control method.  We know the importance of knowing which pest thrives during each season. Our team is prepared all year round to control a pest invasion in your homes and business buildings. If you suspect a pest problem in your home, contact a professional pest control company that can provide you with a thorough inspection and a comprehensive treatment plan for all your pest problems.

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Organic Pest Control

We offer organic pest control for farmers in northern Virginia. As much as possible, NoVA farmers like to keep their crops free from pests to avoid using pesticides, but still, pests come to their farms. Our team has studied crop pests and how to control them in the most organic way possible. Pests can be controlled organically in a number of ways, from using organic pest control products to using floating row covers. Our team is trained to perform organic pest control procedures and use organic pest control products to our clients’ best advantage.

The first organic pest control procedure that our team uses to serve our client farmers are floating row covers. It is a translucent, white, porous polyester fabric that acts as an insect barrier. With these cover, flying pest insects will not be able to come near the plants. These are commonly used during the critical stages of plants, such as when they are seedlings. Row covers are best used for flying, mobile insects.

We also use Pheromone traps. We know that insect pests produce a striking smell called pheromones. These are used to lure the opposite sex. Entomologists used these scents and used it as bait and lure target pests and insects. These traps are used to monitor moths, loopers, earworms, pinworms, cutworms, and corn borers. Another trap that our team uses is sticky traps. It is a rigid material of a certain color and coated with a sticky substance. It is used to attract insects attracted to each certain color. Our team has studied the particular colors that each insect is attracted to. Yellow-colored sticky traps attract whiteflies, fruit flies, leafhoppers, gnats, midges, male mealybugs and leafminers, thrips, psyllids, and winged aphids. White sticky traps lure whiteflies, plant bugs, cucumber beetles, and flea beetles. Light blue sticky traps attract flower thrips, while red sphere sticky traps attract flies whose eggs hatch into apple maggots.

Another organic pest control product is insecticidal soap. This soap contains long-chain fatty acids that are derived from animal fats. These fatty acids dissolve the skin of insects. Insecticidal soap sprays are formulated for commercial use and it is specifically for insect control only. Insecticidal soap sprays are very effective against mites, aphids, whiteflies, and other insects with soft bodies. It is also effective for the softer nymph stages of some hard-bodied bugs.

We also use oil sprays. Oil sprays are effective only when it has directly hit the pest. We use “dormant” oils to kill insect pest eggs and disease spores on the bare branches of trees and shrubs during the dormant season. To treat growing plants, we use a lighter-weight, more refined horticultural oil. Lighter oils evaporate more quickly than dormant oils and are less likely to damage plants. We use horticultural oils to combat aphids, mites, beetles, leaf miners, caterpillars, thrips, leafhoppers, and whiteflies.

Lastly, we use bacillus thuringiensis (BT). BT is a naturally occurring bacterium found in the soil. There are many different types, and some can be used to kill a specific insect or class of insects. When a target insect takes a bite of a plant sprayed with the type of BT the insect is sensitive to, the insect gets infected and stops feeding. Inside the insect, the bacterium releases a protein that causes the pest to die within a few days.

Each type of BT is effective only on one specific insect (or group) and only on insects that actually eat it. However, that doesn’t mean you can spray it indiscriminately. For example, the type that kills cabbage loopers can also kill the caterpillars of the beautiful butterflies you’re trying to attract to your garden.

It is not advisable for untrained people to use or perform any pest control method. Call a professional pest control service company for help when you notice any pest activity on your homes.