Alexandria is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in northern Virginia. It is also the home to the most beautiful tourist spots in the entire state. Tourists flock to the city all through the year. The residents and landowners in Alexandria took the opportunity and built motels, inns, and cafes as a way of earning money.

Tourism-related businesses have been the most profitable for Alexandria residents. Different kinds of people travel and stay for a few days. Business owners have been earning money from travelers, but some have also earned a troublesome pest — bed bugs. In the year 2005, there have been reports of bed bug infestation on Alexandria motels and inns. These problems have affected the livelihood of Alexandria residents in a bad way. We have helped business owners with these kinds of problems over the years. We provide pest control Alexandria VA business owners seek to exterminate the bed bugs infestation in their motels. We have the best bed bug exterminators to help you get your most deserved rest after working hard all day long. When you choose us, you get the highest level of bed bug control and prevention.

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Bed bugs have been one of the biggest problems of the business owners in Alexandria. The only reason known for bed bugs infestation is it is brought by travelers who pass by the area. Our bed bug control procedure has been proven and tested to be the most effective to control and exterminate bed bugs in the entire northern Virginia. No matter how big or how small the bed bug infestation is, we are here to help Our team has developed the best treatment methods and procedures to combat bed bug infestation. Our business is making sure that your business is doing well and pest-free. We give exceptional Alexandria pest control to commercial and residential spaces that urgently need it.

There is also a big mosquito problem in Alexandria, especially during the summer. Residents and business owners seek a good pest control company to keep their homes and their businesses free from mosquitoes. We are all aware of the diseases that mosquitoes bring, but no matter what prevention method is done, they are here to stay. Getting a pest control service is the wisest thing to do. They will know what to do and will also advise you with the best mosquito prevention practices. We know how you want to take care of your family and your business, that is why we are here to provide our mosquito control treatment and service. We are very familiar with Alexandria and we are licensed by the state. We also have a staff entomologist with proven experience with Integrated Pest Management [IPM] and mosquito control. Get those mosquitoes out by getting the best pest control Alexandria VA residents and business owners have tried and tested to be safe and effective.

Mosquito control is one of our best pest control services. Our resident entomologist, together with our team has made the most effective mosquito treatment for residential and commercial use. The team has gained recognition for the treatment they formulated. This will ensure that our mosquito control treatment is simply one of a kind. Other pest control companies had adapted our techniques and incorporated it into their services. We know of the dangers mosquito bites can bring. A single bite can dangerously be fatal. Protect yourself and your family from getting bitten by mosquitoes. Insect repellents are not enough. Mosquitoes must be completely eradicated especially if they have been breeding near your homes. Stagnant waters sitting on your yard or porch must also be removed. Cleaning garden landscapes is also very important for the successful extermination of mosquitoes. Hire us and be ready to be provided with the top Alexandria pest control services. Mosquitoes, no matter what type they are, are despised by people. They are the known carriers of Dengue Fever, an illness that may be fatal when not treated right away. The humid climate in Alexandria makes mosquitoes thrive. Mosquito bites have the potential to spread diseases like Malaria, Dengue, and Zika. We are here to provide the best mosquito control service that Alexandria residents need.

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The city of Alexandria’s climate is the best for any kind of pests. That is why our Alexandria team focused on studying the most common pests found in the city. We have found out that bed bugs and mosquitoes like Alexandria’s climate. We have also found out about the Emerald ash borer and the termites. We used the information we have gathered to study these pests’ behaviors. Knowing how they behave will make our pest treatments, methods, and procedures more effective. The Alexandria team designed treatment plans for the pests that are common in the area. You can be sure of the dedication that our team has to help you remove all those pests lurking in your home. We will make sure that our services will be beneficial for your residential and commercial areas. We built our team to provide the Alexandria residents and business owners a safe and effective Alexandria pest control.

Another pest that is present in Alexandria is the Emerald Ash Borer. Many ash trees throughout the city are declining because of the presence of this pest. One way of determining an EAB infestation on ash trees is the dead or dying canopy of the tree. Numerous dead branches extending from the main trunk is also one of the visible signs. If the tree is infested, it may die within two to five years. If you happen to have an ash tree on your front porch or somewhere near you, be on the lookout for a possible EAB infestation. More and more ash trees have been showing signs of EAB infestation. These borers may also attack the well-planted ash tree on your front porch. Do not wait for it to get near you, get a pest control service to deal with these pests. Hire us to provide you with an exceptional pest control Alexandria VA residents trust and recommend. The best pest exterminators that Alexandria residents trust and recommend is our team. Our team makes sure that your needs are fully addressed and your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

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Termites are also one of the pest problems in the area. Residents and businesses have expressed their worries about having their homes and commercial spaces infested with termites. We understand how termites give people this anxiety. Termites work in colonies. You will not notice them right away because they blend with the color of the woodworks. Our team is highly skilled in inspecting termites. They can easily spot a termite mound. Having a trustworthy company to look into your homes and inspect if there are pests is very important. You don’t want just anyone to get inside your home. Our team is a group of professional pest technicians whose only duty is to inspect and control pests. We especially provide a thorough termite inspection Alexandria VA residents want and seek.

Worried of possible termite damage? We got you covered! Termite infestations can be the worst because it is not easy to detect. Professionals that can perform a thorough termite inspection the best way to confirm if your home has been infested with termites. Our termite control service is the best in Alexandria! We will help you put your mind at ease!

We provide custom-made termite treatment and plans to prevent them from coming back. We remove the existing infestations up to its very source and provide long-term termite prevention for your homes. This is one of our termite control procedures. We can always come up with a new plan for each and every household. Our team is knowledgeable about termite behavior, that is why we can always give tips and recommendations to our clients. Termites put your home in danger. Your home–your biggest investment should not be just destroyed by these little trespassers! Let us help you and serve you with only the best termite control Alexandria residents are in most need of.

We are known for giving the best termite control services in Alexandria. We know the most effective treatment for eradicating isolated infestations of termites. Our licensed termite inspectors perform the best termite inspection. Our termite inspection is thorough and is directed to giving you the best options which perfectly fit your home structure. We offer localized spot treatments to completely eradicate subterranean termite colonies. We are able to give the best options for our clients once we are done with our thorough termite inspection. We are one of the top termite companies Alexandria has. You can be sure that our service is guaranteed to be safe and effective.

Termites can cause 10 times more than the damage that can be done by fire or flood. Quick response to early signs of termite infestation can do wonders for your home. Termites are found in 1 in 9 homes in the Alexandria area. The damage they cause will continue if left untreated. Total termite control starts with an exceptional and superior termite inspection Alexandria VA residents and business owners trust and recommend.