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No matter where you are or where you’re from, you always need to invest in some good pest control services! Whether it’s for your home or your businesses, regular inspections are a must!

Make sure that you make checks at least once a year. One day, you may have thought that you already got rid of them. And after a few years, the pests come back. It’s hard to avoid these annoying little guys because they have so many different means of travelling. They can go by ground, by air, or by human travel.

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Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia, most commonly called NoVA, offers the culture of two different worlds combining cosmopolitan skylines and country star-lit skies. Many people have left their hometown and transferred to the area because of the great compatibility of these two different worlds. Northern Virginia is situated beside America’s capital – Washington, D.C. – but it has kept its own culture reminiscent of colonial times, rambling plantations, equestrian farms, and cobblestoned streets leading to quaint taverns, chic shops, and historical gems. Despite the nice spots and wonderful neighborhoods, residents of NoVA have had problems with pests over the years. Homes and businesses alike, are getting infested by rodents, termites, and other seasonal pests that pose a health threat to each and every family.

We are here to provide NoVA pest control service for home and business owners alike. Pests harm different structures and are also carriers of different kinds of viruses, bacteria, and diseases. Residents of northern Virginia should never have to worry about pests because they are busy enough to make a living and enjoy their lives with their families. Bed bugs and termites infestations are the two main pest problems in northern Virginia. They are tiny pests, but they can be very hard to treat especially for inexperienced people. Do-it-yourself pest control treatments have more chances of failure than success. Hiring pest control services is the best way to fully exterminate whatever pest you may have on your home or business space. 

We are here to help you with all of your pest problems. Our pest professionals will apply appropriate pest treatments to fully eradicate those pesky little crawlers invading your home and business spaces. Hire us and brace yourselves because you will be witnessing an exceptional NoVA pest control service. Our team is dedicated to giving the best pest control for northern Virginia residents. We provide our services to different counties in northern Virginia, like Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, and Reston.

Our company is family-oriented. We are advocates of maintaining a good, loving, and healthy family. This is not always easy to achieve, but it should start with making sure that the home your family lives in is clean, sparkling, and pest-free. Pests carry viruses and bacteria that may harm the health and well-being of each and every family member. Taking care of the home structure is the first step to achieving all your family goals. We are here to help and assist you in achieving your personal and family goals.

We also consider the areas that we serve. Different areas have different climates, humidity, and population. Our years of experience gave us the authority to serve the best pest control for each and every home that we serve. We take training and studying seriously because our goal is to give our loyal customers nothing but the best pest control service.

Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is one of the best places to live in northern Virginia. It is also the home to the prettiest tourist spots in the entire state. Tourists flock to the city all through the year. The residents and landowners in Alexandria took the opportunity and built motels, inns, and cafes as a way of earning money.

Tourism-related businesses have been the most profitable for Alexandria residents. Different kinds of people travel and stay for a few days. Business owners have been earning money from travelers, but some have also earned a troublesome pest — bed bugs. In the year 2005, there have been reports of bed bug infestation on Alexandria motels and inns. These problems have affected the livelihood of Alexandria residents in a bad way. We have helped business owners with these kinds of problems over the years. We provide pest control Alexandria VA business owners seek to exterminate the bed bugs infestation in their motels. We have the best bed bug exterminators to help you get your most deserved rest after working hard all day long. When you choose us, you get the highest level of bed bug control and prevention.

There is also a big mosquito problem in Alexandria, especially during the summer. Residents and business owners seek a good pest control company to keep their homes and their businesses free from mosquitoes. We are all aware of the diseases that mosquitoes bring, but no matter what prevention method is done, they are here to stay. Getting a pest control service is the wisest thing to do. They will know what to do and will also advise you with the best mosquito prevention practices. We know how you want to take care of your family and your business, that is why we are here to provide our mosquito control treatment and service. We are very familiar with Alexandria and we are licensed by the state. We also have a staff entomologist with proven experience with Integrated Pest Management [IPM] and mosquito control. Get those mosquitoes out by getting the best pest control Alexandria VA residents and business owners have tried and tested to be safe and effective.

Another pest that is present in Alexandria is the Emerald Ash Borer. Many ash trees throughout the city are declining because of the presence of this pest. One way of determining an EAB infestation on ash trees is the dead or dying canopy of the tree. Numerous dead branches extending from the main trunk is also one of the visible signs. If the tree is infested, it may die within two to five years. If you happen to have an ash tree on your front porch or somewhere near you, be on the lookout for a possible EAB infestation. More and more ash trees have been showing signs of EAB infestation. These borers may also attack the well-planted ash tree on your front porch. Do not wait for it to get near you, get a pest control service to deal with these pests. Hire us to provide you with an exceptional pest control Alexandria VA residents trust and recommend. The best pest exterminators that Alexandria residents trust and recommend is our team. Our team makes sure that your needs are fully addressed and your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

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Arlington, VA

Arlington is a city blessed with nice weather. Most of the residents’ reasons for choosing to live in Arlington is the wonderful climate that they get to first-handedly experience. It is an area abundant with trees that filter the air, which makes the air they breathe fresh and clean. The only downside to the abundant trees that the city has that trees tend to get infested by pests. Flathead borers have been noted to be common in Arlington. An increasing number of gypsy moths have also been reported in the last few months. These pests are the reason for the significant damage of the trees in Arlington. Gypsy moths also lay eggs on outdoor equipment, woodpiles, trailers, planters, yard ornaments, trailers, and even under house shutters. You should be on the lookout and regularly check these areas for a possible gypsy moth infestation. If you happen to see moth infestation near your living area, it is best to call on pest control professionals to eradicate the infestation immediately. We are here to provide the pest control Arlington VA residents urgently need in cases of flathead borers and gypsy moth infestation.

Another pest problem encountered by residents in Arlington county is rodents. Rats and mice commonly inhabit homes. They commonly live around people’s homes and office buildings. Rodents are very destructive. They gnaw on anything they can chew. They may damage your homes’ internal wirings. If they are left untreated, insects and rodents can contaminate and damage the home insulation. They may also damage the drywall and the actual structure of your home. Rats can also carry viruses and bacteria that spread many kinds of sickness and diseases.to homes and can carry germs that make people sick.

The most common type of rodents in Arlington county is the Norway rat and the house mouse. These rats are experts in climbing, jumping, squeezing through narrow spaces, and even swimming. It is very hard to eliminate rodents especially if you are not knowledgeable about rodent behavior and not professionally trained. We respond to each and every individual complaint and take appropriate action to help eliminate both rodents and rodent harborage. We are the best in pest control Arlington VA people trust and recommend. We can provide our expertise in safely and effectively eliminating large numbers of rodents that may harm you and your family. Do not let them invade your home, take action now. The best exterminators in Arlington are here to defend your homes from further destruction. Our team is here to protect your family from disease-carrying pests that are lurking in the darkest corners of your homes.

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Fairfax, VA

There is a good number of residents living in northeastern Virginia’s Fairfax county. The seasons experienced in the area are very pleasant, that is why many people enjoy living there. Aside from the wonderful climate, the area is also low in the crime rate. The schools are also great, and there are a lot of recreational parks where people can go and relax. Fairfax ranked number four among the best places to live in Virginia, according to the real estate website Movoto.com. It is also very near to the nation’s capital, Washington, DC.

Like all good things, there is a downside to living in Fairfax. May pests find it nice and desirable to live there. Travelers also accidentally bring in and introduce new insects as they pass through the area. The climate, the substantial rain, and the humidity in the area help these pests to multiply and proliferate. Providing the pest control Fairfax VA residents need is our mission. The region’s “Goldilocks climate” of not too hot and not too cold is really appreciated by those pesky little pests. We know that the common pests that reside in Fairfax are termites, wasps, fire ants, mosquitoes, mice, and Norway rats. Bed bugs are also prevalent in the area. We did our research and have formulated the best treatment method and procedures for any kind of pest infestation.

We do not want to ruin the wonderful experience of the residents by letting their homes be infested by pests. We are here to take care of all your pest problems. No matter what pest you have in your home, we will take care of it and completely exterminate it. Our team has a resident entomologist who trained our pest technicians about the different pest behavioral patterns so that they will be able to successfully exterminate each and every pest problem they are to encounter. If you want the best pest control Fairfax VA residents recommend and trust, we are the company you should call. Having a trust-worthy pest control company in Fairfax will give you peace of mind and will let you sleep in peace every single night. Call us immediately if you see a single live pest crawling in your home. A single crawling insect is a sign that there are more of them hiding somewhere in your house. Do not let them take over your home. Control them before they control you.

Most of our pest control service uses organic pesticides. We know that some of our clients are making sure that the substances we use to exterminate the pests in their homes are child friendly and environment friendly. We have the same vision of taking care of the environment while also killing the pests that pose health and safety hazards for our homes. After some time of using organic pest control products, we saw a drastic change in all our other pest control practices. As much as possible, we try to look for organic alternatives for the pest control products we usually used. Our team also started to be more aware of the environment we live in. We learned that we can always choose an organic way to control and exterminate pests that invade our homes. We are very proud of the big step that we took to go organic on some of our pest control treatment methods.